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The role of a conveyancer, or settlement agent, is to transfer ownership of real estate from one party to another. Settlement is the important final stage in the purchase or sale of property, requiring that all the general and special conditions of the contract have been satisfied. Conveyancers co-ordinate all parties involved to enable a smooth transaction. This is where Norfolk Conveyancing is essential - we can handle this complex settlement process for you.

Conveyancers' duties include:

  • making sure all relevant parties have fulfilled their obligations in the lead up to the settlement;
  • making sure all conditions of the contract of the sale have been met, to the satisfaction of the buyer and seller;
  • searching land titles and checking any restrictions on the use or transfer of the property which are identified in the title;
  • arranging, if needed, for any encumbrances on the title of the property to be lifted;
  • contacting the local councils, government departments and strata managers about rates, taxes and water consumption and strata levies so that amounts to be paid by the seller and buyer can be determined and adjusted as necessary;
  • obtaining information from the local council, the Water Corporation, the WA Planning Commission, the Body Corporate or Strata Manager (if applicable) regarding building approvals, orders, zoning heritage listing, sewer details, strata by-laws, etc;
  • notifying the relevant authorities about the change of ownership;
  • preparing settlement statements and certain legal documents;
  • arranging for the payment of stamp duty and other fees on documents involved in the transaction;
  • coordinating and attending a meeting of all parties to bring about settlement; and
  • ensuring the transfer of title is registered by Landgate.

In essence the role of the conveyancer is to protect the interests of the party for whom they are acting (ie the seller or the buyer). We are an independent agency so we only represent your interests. We choose to act for one party only, unless it is a related party transaction, which eliminates the possibility of any conflict of interest arising.

You can rest assured that we will handle the conveyancing process in the best possible manner to eliminate any stress this might cause you.

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