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Brian and Margaret

"Just a note of thanks for the care and attention you put in to complete the settlement on 47 Brunswick Road. Thank you also for the final note with the balance (which we have banked). We may need your services again when we return from Ireland and we certainly will enjoy the trip as you mentioned. Thank you again."


"John and I want to thank for your time and effort put into our settlement(s)!!! You are so professional, yet generous with your time. Please enjoy a little something from Tasmania, you must come and see us some time! Thank you again."


"My sincere thanks for the very efficient way that you handled the settlement for the girls’ property. It was so important to have the job done extra well when family is concerned! I cannot speak too highly of your efforts."

Norman and Jean

"We take this opportunity to thank you for your courteous and efficient service to us in the past years. According to our records, you appear to have acted on our behalf as a settlement agent in both purchases and sales of properties in a total of fourteen times since 1985. It goes without saying that we are very satisfied with your service. We have no hesitation recommending you – indeed we have done so in the past – as a Settlement Agent."

Chris and Dave

"Something special to say thank you for all the time you have put into Unit 11 and for never, ever making me feel I was wasting your time. You have no idea how much this has meant to Dave and I over this past frustrating year. We can't thank you enough for your help."


"Thank you for your hard work, effort and professional character. You are the only one who has handled our affairs with meticulous care. I appreciate it very much."


"Just a brief note to say thank you for the way you managed the settlement on both the sale of my old house and the purchase of my new place. During this process it quickly became very clear to me that you are very experienced in your profession. I appreciated your professionalism, friendliness and also that you understood that I found the settlement process stressful. Overall, thank you for making a daunting process easy for me."


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